System Information

IAS "Maino" is a complex program, technical and information tools automate processes of collection, recording, updating and use of data on property and other items of urban areas, which is designed to meet the information needs of local governments, local public authorities and the community and improve efficiency and effectiveness of management decisions on rational use property complex and sustainable socio-economic development.

In the software and technical aspects of IAS "Maino" is intended to integrate existing municipal information systems into a single information space by introducing a single architecture software and technical platform of geographic information (GIS) component, citywide Server database geospatial data unified digital topographic base, unification of software creation and domain-specific workstations for creating, updating and use of information resources of territorial and property complex of the city, creating a unified geospatial data portal of Kyiv.

Information Resources IAS "Maino" in the city of Kyiv for use the guidance of the city, structural divisions of the Kyiv city state administration, local government, regional government bodies, enterprises, organizations and citizens in solving the following main objectives:

· Forecasting the development, planning and urban development;

· Account land, buildings and structures and their owners and users;

· Regulation of land relations in the city and land allocation;

· The design, construction and reconstruction of housing, civil, industrial, municipal and other purposes;

· The development of social, engineering and transport infrastructure;

· Determination of zones of economic and regulatory monetary value of land the size of justification and tax value of land, buildings and structures;

· Operation of utilities and engineering life-support systems of the population, monitoring the condition of these facilities, the formation of programs of development and reconstruction;

· Evaluation state and development of the transport network, telecommunications and infrastructure, preparing projects for the development of the transport network in the city;

· Accounting and protection of monuments of architecture and urban planning, regeneration of historical settlements;

· Monitoring compliance with zoning, conditions and restrictions on building and other land use;

· Accounting of natural resources and landscapes in the city, planning to use, protection and reproduction;

· Control the management of local resources, analysis of the implementation of approved urban planning and land use and other documentation;

· Monitoring of natural and man-made conditions for urban development on the basis of engineering research;

· Ecological monitoring of the environment (physical, chemical, biological pollution of air, soil, subsoil, surface water and groundwater based sources of pollution scale and repeatability)

· Determine the impact of the environment on public health, development programs to improve the environment;

· Forecasting and assessment of the impact of decisions in the field of environmental protection;

· Information support activities of the warning system and emergency action, including creating a database of potentially dangerous objects of natural and man-made disasters assessment and forecasting of the possible occurrence and consequences of emergency situations;

· Improving the investment attractiveness by GIS support investment activity;

· Information support of tourism attraction and tourism in the city;

· Zoning of the city in the preparation and conduct of elections, census and other statistical surveys;

• providing relevant and reliable output information projects of urban, land, environmental protection and other purposes for the development of the city;

· Informing the community about the environmental situation in the city, the targeted use of local resources and development plans of the city;

fulfillment of production targets various organizations, agencies and institutions related to the information on the spatial distribution and spatial interaction of objects and events in the city.